How is Justice in Motion helping families who were separated by the Trump Administration? 

Between 2017 and 2018, the U.S. government forcibly separated over 4,000 parents from their children at the U.S. border. Supported by information collected by Justice in Motion, the ACLU successfully sued the government to end the horrific Family Separation policy. But the government had already deported many of these parents without their children and had no plan to reunite these families. Justice in Motion is one of four civil society organizations charged with accomplishing that vital work. 


At Justice in Motion, we know that migrant rights cannot stop at the border. Our transnational network of local human rights defenders in Mexico and Central America have the local knowledge, indigenous language skills, and cross-border expertise to take on the hardest cases. Our Defenders conduct on-the-ground investigations to find parents deported without their children and put them in contact with U.S. lawyers working on the litigation. That way, we can ensure they have access to any available paths to reunification.


Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we were forced to temporarily suspend in person searches. However, Defenders have resumed limited in person searches on a case by case basis. We remain committed to reaching every family to make sure they have access to the justice they deserve.


Our work to reunite separated families is ongoing. Check this page for periodic updates. 


For an inside look at what it takes to Justice in Motion to find families, watch “The Unreachables,” a short documentary produced by VICE News on Showtime: