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Shining New Light on the UN
Migrant Workers Convention

3. Shining New Light on the UN Migrant W

The UN Migrant Workers Convention is the most comprehensive international treaty in the field of migration and human rights. Adopted in 1990 and in force since 2003, it establishes the minimum standards of human rights protection to which migrant workers and members of their families are entitled. However, it is the least well known of the core international human rights instruments and has so far been ratified by only 51 member states. This volume shines new light on obstacles and opportunities facing the Convention, its added value in international human rights law and its application in selected state parties. It combines the expertise of academics and practitioners, with the contributions of the latter informed by work on policy and advocacy in NGOs, international organizations and specialized agencies.

Justice in Motion contributed to Chapter 8 "Guatemala's Implementation of the ICRMW: Emerging Efforts." 

Justice in Motion board member Beth Lyon contributed to Chapter 4 "Indirect success? The impact and use of the ICRMW in other UN fora" and Chapter 11 "The ICRMW and the US: Substantive overlap, political gap."

Gretchen Kuhner, Justice in Motion board member and Executive Director of IMUMI, a Defender Network member organization, contributed to Chapter 9 "Mexico and the ICRMW: Protecting women migrant workers."

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