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By synthesizing the advocacy and expertise gained by U.S. lawyers and Justice in Motion Defender Network advocates, we foster powerful alliances between partners in government and civil society to develop policy solutions that address worker exploitation, defend asylum protections, and seek justice for separated families at the border.

We work with governments in Mexico and Central America to ensure that the recruitment of their citizens to work abroad is free of fraud and abuse and that they help their citizens achieve justice across borders when their labor is exploited abroad.

Justice in Motion is committed to addressing the recent atrocities of the Trump Administration's family separation policy and ensuring that families are reunited, and

have access to and receive reparations.

As the asylum system landscape has become more restrictive, JiM is stepping in to ensure that borders and US efforts are not barriers for asylum seekers, and that

asylum seekers are able to access remedies and appropriate legal claims.

Foreign Worker Visa Reform
Separated Families
Asylum Protections

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