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They were promised the minimum wage. They received far less.

Even worse, some employers fake paying the minimum wage by demanding kickback payments from workers after the check is cashed. This is what happened to Guatemalan and Mexican workers who were also cheated out of travel reimbursements owed them.

A lawsuit was brought against the unscrupulous employer by US lawyers on behalf of 20 Mexican workers. After learning that Guatemalan workers had suffered the same abuses, a Justice in Motion Defender was engaged to locate the workers who had by then returned to Guatemala.

The Defender traveled to remote villages, locating five workers. He educated them about their rights and helped them with the necessary paperwork to opt-in to the lawsuit.  

The addition of the five Guatemalan workers helped strengthen the case for the Mexican workers, and a settlement of $1,000 to $2,000 was finally paid to each plaintiff.

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