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Sally’s journey crossed boundaries and borders.

Being who you are can be difficult, but for some people, it’s life-threatening.  Sally’s transition from male to female made her vulnerable to harassment and even attack—she was thrown out of a window, suffering a traumatic head injury in which part of her skull was permanently damaged. As a victim of a crime committed in the US, Sally, a Honduran citizen, was eligible for a visa to stay in the US legally but she was never informed of this right.


Sally remained in the US, but years later, was detained for immigration violations. While in detention, an advocacy group realized Sally’s eligibility for a visa due to the hate crime. Lawyers initiated the process, but before they could get her released, local immigration authorities unlawfully and forcibly deported Sally back to Honduras.


Those trying to help Sally had no idea where she was and no way to contact her. Knowing Honduras to be hostile to transgender people, compounded by her vulnerability due to the head injury, they were extremely concerned about her safety. That’s when they reached out to Justice in Motion for help.  


Justice in Motion immediately contacted a member of the Defender Network in Honduras. Within one hour, the Defender located Sally and put her in touch with her lawyers. They are currently fighting to keep her safe and bring her back to the US.

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