Family Separation

Crisis Response

We worked with allies and our Defender Network to find hundreds of parents deported without their children. But these families still need our help.

We are continuing the fight for justice and healing for parents and children who were separated.

We protect migrants across borders through:
We see the world becoming more connected and global.

But our legal system has not caught up with that reality. All too often, justice stops at the border. When justice is compromised, so are migrants, families, businesses, and you. We provide legal services to bridge that gap. 

Our Defender Network connects people to make justice a reality. 

By building partnerships between advocates and lawyers across borders, we can ensure that wherever migrants go, their rights will follow.

We offer policy solutions with a transnational perspective.

We work with stakeholders in government and civil society to ensure migrants are not systemically shut out of the justice system. 

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Justice in Motion protects migrant rights by ensuring justice across borders.

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