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Gain insight into issues of adoption, paternity, custody, and guardianship, as well as country-specific legal frameworks and practices.

Child Detention Crisis Initiative
Legal Representation of
Minors in Adoption Cases
Presented by Rebeca Sanchez Ralda

JUNE 25, 2020

About the Presenter

Rebeca Sánchez Ralda is a Guatemalan lawyer and notary. For more than 10 years, Ms. Sánchez Ralda has maintained a private practice, with a focus on family law, with an emphasis on children and adolescents. More recently, Ms. Sánchez Ralda has been working on migrant rights cases.

Adoption and Paternity
Cases in Honduras
Presented by Leonardo Rojas

JULY 27, 2020

About the Presenter

Leonardo Rojas is a lawyer with a specialization in labor law. Since 2008, Mr. Rojas has provided representation to Hondurans who need assistance with migration-related matters. Mr. Rojas is currently a Legal Representative at SISCO and also offers his services to U.S. attorneys needing assistance in Honduras as a member of the Justice in Motion Defender Network.

Adoptions in El Salvador
Presented by Rhina Graciela Juárez Lazo

JULY 16, 2020

About the Presenter

Rhina Juárez is a Lawyer and Notary as well as a Human Rights Defender. Ms. Juárez is a member of the Legal Aid Center of the Organization of Salvadoran Women for Peace (ORMUSA). She focuses on cases related to gender and violence against women, labor rights, and reproductive rights.

Paternity Cases in El Salvador
Presented by Rhina Graciela Juárez Lazo

JULY 16, 2020

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